should dogs be allowed “off leash” in nyc?

In response to all the discussion about dogs being off leash in new york city I’ve added this separate post.

There is pending new york city legislation that would make it illegal for dogs to be off leash in city parks. Presently and for the past 20 years there has been an “unwritten” understanding that dogs could be off leash in city parks for a specified time of day. There was a recent city public hearing to discuss the issue and you can read about’s petition to keep allowing dogs off leash and see video from the meeting too.

Dogs should be allowed off leash in “city parks” but I think anyone who walks their dogs off leash “on the streets” of new york city is putting their dog and even other dogs in major risk. No matter how trained your dog is there are so many things that you can not prepare for and I have had the misfortune of seeing dogs get injured and even worse who were off leash. I feel dogs off leash on the streets is also unfair to aggressive dog owners. I’ve been walking aggressive dogs only to have a dog off leash come sprinting towards us – a precarious situation to say the least!