NYC Puppy Care, a division of Downtown Petscan help you raise your nyc puppy into a happy, healthy and well-adjusted new york city dog. We can help you with everything from puppy proofing your nyc apartment before you bring your puppy home, to house training and leash training. What’s so special about our nyc puppy training service? It’s free!!! That’s right, we offer free puppy training advice for our nyc dog clients and it’s part of the reason clients stay with us so long. Please click the following links if you’d like to view our NYC puppy services, learn more about us or request service.

“I can not recommend NYC Puppy Care highly enough. The care and professionalism they provide their dogs could be the best in New York City…maybe the world.” – Peter Lindbaum, Owner of “Katies Kitty

NYC Puppy Care was created by lifetime New Yorker, Josh Schermer. Josh is also the founder of Downtown Pets and NYC Dog Runners . Both of these companies are known for being unique in that they provide all the benefits of a company and yet also provide a personal experience for its clients and their dogs. Maybe it’s because we walk dogs individually? Maybe it’s because our walkers are employees and not independant contractors? Or maybe it’s the user friendly items we offer like credit cards on file and online schedule forms? But either way clients seem to stay with us a long time. We’re thrilled to say that our very first client, from over five years ago, is still with us today!

Josh Schermer has appeared on television shows ranging from Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, to the Fine Living Channel. He has also been quoted in the New York Times, New York Post and London Times, among others. You can click the following links to view video of Josh on the fine living channel, live on nbc channel 4 or to view his comments in a recent article in
the New York Times.

NYC Puppy Care realizes how difficult it can be to raise a puppy in new york city. Between long hours at work and no access to outdoor space, nyc puppy owners need some extra help when it comes to keeping your puppy happy, healthy and well trained. What can we help you with? We can help you puppy proof your apartment before brining home your nyc puppy home. We can also advise you on all the necessary equipment you will need to walk, feed and housetrain your new puppy. Some of the other nyc dog services we provide are:

    • * 30 minute visits ($23)
    • * in home pet sits ($95 a night)
    • * advice on puppy proofing house, housetraining and leash training (FREE)
    • * individual dog trainer ($100-$150 a visit)
    • * long distance dog runners ($40)

We offer nyc puppy services in the following areas of lower manhattan: battery park city, chelsea, east village, financial district, gramercy park area, little italy, lower east side, soho, south street seaport, tribeca, union square, west village

in the following zip codes: 10001, 10002, 10003, 10004, 10005, 10007, 10009, 10010, 10011, 10012, 10013,10014, 1001, 10017,10018, 10038

and in the following area codes: 347, 516, 718, 212, 646, 917, 914

  • Raising a puppy in new york city can pose unique problems you might not experience anywhere
  • else. With limited outdoor space in the city, most people will need a dog walker to visit their puppy during the day if they can’t come home. The quality of life in the first few months of a puppies life will directly contribute to their life-long personality, happiness and health. The city itself can pose obstacles ranging from the noises of the city, to anti-freeze, glass and garbage on the ground, let alone the treacherous street traffic. Here’s a small list of things you might want to be aware of raising a dog in New York City:

* you need to register your puppy with the city

* your puppy needs all it’s shots (list of nyc vets)

* nyc dog laws

* top ten household hazards for your puppy

* until your puppy has all it’s shots we do “not” recommend putting your dog on the street

* but puppies should go outside, even if they need to be held in your arms at first

* for equipment we love using a sensation harness attached to a collar

* we do not recommend retractable leashes

* we recommend crate training your nyc puppy

* list of nyc dog runs

* join an nyc dog meetup group