in home nyc dog services vs. daycare / boarding

There is a huge divide between those who use nyc dog walkers and those who drop their dogs off at an nyc daycare facility. I’ve listed some of the pros and cons I see between the two of them below.

in home nyc dog care:
* pros: your dog gets to stay in it’s own environment and maintain it’s normal diet, walking routine, etc..
* cons: depending on the service you get, sometimes dogs are not tired out

nyc doggy daycare / boarding:
* pros: dog’s get mentally exhausted
* cons: lost of dogs get sick in kennel’s; lack of cardio activity

I’m obviously biased because I run an nyc dog walking company but I do believe that if you construct your dog walking visit according to your needs (cardio, play visit, socialization, etc) you can achieve the social benefits of daycare while getting a better cardio workout than daycare. For those who would like to send their dogs to daycare we recommend the wagging tail in tribeca.