cats and dogs living together….happily:

There seems to be a divide between those who love cats and those addicted to dogs. I more often hear dog owners say they don’t like cats than the reverse but overall people seem to choose a side here. My first question to someone like this is always, “but have you ever owned a cat or dog, etc..” They usually say no or that they had a bad experience as a kid. Many dog owners seem to think cats are aloof and vicious. Many cat owners seem to think dogs are dumb, smelly and A.D.D.. This is simply not true on either case. The fact is for most people, if you brought home a feral cat or a stray dog you would fall in love with them and they with you.

More and more these days the two cultures are clashing and people are getting cats and dogs for the same household. Is there anything cuter than a dog and cat sleeping together? It’s surely not all roses, especially if your cat and dog are not very young. An older cat and dog can be more difficult to ingratiate. It can also be harder if you already own one of them and are trying to introduce a new animal to your home. That’s not to say it can’t be done and of course the personality and breed of the pets play a role. But either way you should take some precautions before rushing out and getting a Bull Mastiff to live with your Persian. You can find articles to read further about this here and here.